Import File Formats

Film Logs: FLX, FTL, ALE
EDLs: CMX 3600

Export File Formats

Scan Lists: ArriScan XML, CMX 3600, FLX
Conform EDLs: CMX 3600, Lustre XML*, FLX, Film Cut Lists

FLX files exported from the CutEDL sheet can be loaded into MotionPicture-Tools' existing product DigiConform to aid negative cutting.

Film Formats

35mm 4perf, 35mm 3perf, 35mm 8perf, 16mm, 65mm

Video Formats

PAL, NTSC, 24p

Technical Requirements

Microsoft Windows 98 or better
Microsoft Excel 2000 or better
PC with USB port and CD-ROM drive

*Lustre XML export to be implemented

Technical Data