These days, we never do anything just once. There are always revisions, and all creative decisions are kept open until the last minute. Because of MetabPro's modular and open structure, you can get the ball rolling early on. You can be certain that no clips will have to be scanned twice because you can't figure out what material you already have.

EDLs for new cut versions from offline editing can be added at any time. A new PullList has to be made for each, but only material that was never scanned before will be listed in the exported scan order list. The AllScans sheet tracks all clips that scans ever were ordered for.

SelectionLogs are generated from imported FLX files. They reflect the footage contained in negative reels that have been assembled from the original dailies after the original telecine for the creative cut. One way to generate those FLX files is with MotionPicture-Tools' upcoming software product FilmLog.

New film dailies logs and select reel logs can be added at any time. The user prioritizes those logs: "Look in that SelectionLog first. If you don't find the right keycode there, look in this SelectionLog here. Do not use those other two logs. If nothing is found in the SelectionLogs, use the information from the RushesLog."

Scan Handles

The user selects minimum and maximum handles for each PullList generated. In the example shown above new scans will have 5 frame handles added to their heads and tails. However, if an existing scan is found in the AllScans list with a minimum of 2 frame handles, that scan will be used and no new scan will be generated.

In Control

Several features help control the flow of the project:

• MetaLabPro can keep track of several different versions for each scanned shot.

• Shots can be grouped for special treatment using the FX flag. This is useful for scanning plates for visual effects work or for trailers.

• If a particular scan is known to be 'out of sync', e.g. starting a frame earlier than it should, an entry into the Slip column can compensate accordingly in exported conform lists. Once entered, the slip value is applied in all further confrm lists. This eliminates the need for of error-prone manual editing of the exported conform lists.

Imported EDLs can be collapsed so that footage from a higher video track automatically fill gaps on a lower track.

Iterative Workflows