• Metadata Management Tool for film projects finishing on Video or Digital Intermediate

• Makes film scan lists and conform lists

• Streamlines file-based and tape-based conforming

• Controls project progress in one single place

• Tracks existing film scans for further versions

• Replaces source footage/material automatically based on keycode for video online conforms

MetaLabPro straddles the rift between film and video in post production. It facilitates a smooth and streamlined process for projects with film-originated source material, finished on film or video.

MetaLabPro is an Add-on for Microsoft Excel. It collects and manipulates metadata pertaining to film dailies, telecine tapes, cut versions, and film scans in separate worksheets within an Excel workbook.

MetaLabPro imports FLX files, as well as FTLs and ALEs, made from film labrolls or from select reels. Also imported are CMX 3600 EDLs from an editing system like Avid or Final Cut Pro.

MetaLabPro exports scan lists for use as scan orders. Those scan lists can be formatted as XML for Arri Scanners, or as CMX 3600 for others, including telecine machines. Subsequently, EDLs are exported for conforming the scanned material into the final product. The final conform EDLs work for video finishing, as well as for film finishing as Digital Intermediate.

At ARRI's Munich, Germany facilities MetaLabPro has been the hub of metadata flowing between offline editing, lab, neg cutting, video finishes and DI for 3 years. Here are just a few of the approximately 40 projects that used MetaLabPro: Tristan & Isolde, Vom Suchen und Finden der Liebe, NVA and Das Parfüm.

Introducing MetaLabPro