MetaLabPro organizes the project's metadata in several worksheets within one Microsoft Excel workbook.The workbook serves as the metadata information hub that controls and tracks the project's progress.

Users have access to all raw data at all times. The information seen in the spreadsheet is the information that MetaLabPro works with. There are no hidden formulas or dependencies between fields or sheets.

Standard spread sheet tools allow for sorting and filtering information based on selected criteria. MetaLabPro's open and modular structure permits direct manipulation of data as needed. Each cell's content can be edited individually, and further MetaLabPro actions will use that information.

The Excel document can be opened, viewed and edited on any computer with Microsoft Excel or Open Office, even without MetaLabPro installed. The functionalities for imports, exports and list generation, however, require a PC with Microsoft Excel and MetaLabPro.

MetaLabPro is a collection of several different modules. The user can mix and match the modules with no restriction. New workflows can be accommodated by developing new modules in the future.

MS Excel Spreadsheet