Whether you are going to scan your negative or re-telecine it, the scan lists made in MetaLabPro can accelerate the film scanning process tremendously: They provide reference counts for each scan item pertaining both to the labroll, and to the shot.

In plain language this information reads: "To scan this item, mount labroll X, zero the counter at the head of the labroll. Proceed to frame number Y to find the head of the clip you need to scan from. It's clip number Z logged on this roll, starting with this keycode. Then proceed another U frames to get to the first frame that should be scanned. Confirm the keycode and scan V frames.”

Scan Lists exported from MetaLabPro as XML for Arri Scanners even contain the UNC file path for the scans as well as certain scan parameters.

The scanned material can then be put together into the final show using a conform list exported by MetaLabPro. Footage recorded as files, rather than on video tape, can go straight from the scanner into color grading.

Accelerate Scanning and Re-Telecine