MetaLabPro is a product of Motion Picture-Tools, a company run by two individuals based in Munich, Germany. Between them, Andreas Kern and Manfred Künze have worked in film color timing, video editing, negative cutting and conform list management for several decades. They spent major parts of their careers at the ARRI film and video facilities in Munich, Germany. Together, they develop modern and effective software for film and video post production.

Other products from MotionPicture-Tools

• DigiConform, a system that provides a visual reference for conforming negative without a workprint. See DigiConform for more information.
• MovieColor, a comprehensive software package to manage print lights throughout the film lab

Upcoming software projects

• CutInspector, compares cut lists with the actual cut negative
• FilmLog, for bench-logging film rolls, yields FLX files
• KeyWorks, for breaking down negative in preparation for neg cutting

These three products all employ a keycode reader. They all work in concert with DigiConform and MetaLabPro.

About MotionPicture-Tools