DigiConform Workflow

First, capture video

DigiConform is a Lokbox in a PC. Get a video tape of the cut reel on any video format, press play and record it into the computer. No time code or remote control connections are required. For work print conforming on bigger feature films the video may be fed directly out of the non-linear editing system into DigiConform, over a video cable or as an imported file.

Then, lock video to film

Once in DigiConform, video is always played back from a digitized file on the computer's hard disk - with random access. This is why there is no lag time and no ballistics slowing you down. The video is always fully caught up with the film in the synchronizer, frame-accurately.

24 full frames per second

If the project has been cut in a nonlinear editing system at 24 frames per second, you only deal with the 24 genuine film frames per second, not with 30 frames of video. There is no ambiguity about the current film frame in DigiConform whatsoever - only one single film frame will be displayed, no mixed fields, not one film frame at the top and another at the bottom of the screen. The image is always absolutely solid, there are no horizontal disturbances ' in between frames'.

This makes conforming film - negative and work print - a lot safer and a lot quicker.

DigiConform can import electronic cut lists. This puts all vital information from the cut list right next to the image on the computer screen.

Existing equipment, like synchronizers with a pulse generator, can be used with DigiConform - no new hardware is required.