• DigiConform is the ideal solution for conforming 24 fps negative where no workprint is available.
  • DigiConform is a Lokbox in a computer. It replaces a work print or a videotape and a Lokbox when conforming film.
  • The video-cut of the show is transfered into DigiConform, and then follows along the sync-block's movement rigidly. 
  • DigiConform supports both negative cutting as well as conforming work print.
  • DigiConform works with virtually all film formats: 16 mm, 35 mm 3 and 4 perf, and 65 mm 3 through 15 perf - in NTSC and in PAL.
  • Projects shot and cut in 24 frames per second display 24 film frames per second, even if captured from a video tape with 30 fps in NTSC or 25 fps in PAL.


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