Film Equipment

DigiConform can be used with most existing film hardware, such as synchronizers. Specifically, any synch-block equipped with an opt-tach (a pulse generator) for use with a Lokbox can be connected to DigiConform. All you need is a cable adaptor. DigiConform works with a wide range of bi-phase generators.

For fitting existing synch-block with opt-tachs, as well as new synchronizers, we recommend Hollywood Film Company in Los Angeles: (+1 818-683-1130) or email Hollywood Film Company also has DigiConform systems available for sale internationally.

Computer Hardware

DigiConform is a PC-based solution. Typical configurations include a 20 Gigabyte hard drive, a processor faster than 800 MHz, CD ROM and Floppy Disk drives, a video card and a flat screen display.Network connections are optional.

Digitized video in DigiConform typically uses 300 to 500 Kilobytes per second. One hour of video needs 1 to 1.8 Gigabytes of hard disk space.

Video Sources

Any source of composite or S-VHS video (NTSC or PAL) can be connected to DigiConform. No Time Code track is required on the source tapes, although a burn-in window of the record Time Code is recommended.

No deck remote control is necessary, nor supported. Loading video from VHS decks is perfectly sufficient. Simply connect any available video deck to DigiConform, manually cue up the tape, and record the video into the computer. A handle of about 10 seconds is recommended. Recording video is a real-time process.

Video playback in DigiConform is always from a digitized video file in .AVI format. As long as compatible compressors are used, DigiConform accepts any .AVI file, even if created outside DigiConform.

DigiConform accepts files from CD-ROMs as well as over Ethernet connections.