Film Formats and Video Standards

DigiConform supports

  • 16 mm
  • 35 mm 3 and 4 perf
  • 65 mm 3 through 15 perf

both in NTSC and in PAL.

Length can be displayed in the on-screen counters as

  • Time Code (drop or non-drop)
  • Feet+Frames
  • Frame Count
  • Meters

Available film frame rates are NTSC 24 fps, NTSC 30 fps, PAL 24 fps and PAL 25 fps.

For NTSC projects shot and cut at 24 frames per second, the 2:3 telecine pulldown is reversed for playback in 24 frames per second. Every fifth frame is dropped, only the genuine 24 film frames per second are displayed. In DigiConform this is called NTSC 24 Pulldown.

Reversing the telecine pulldown is also available in PAL projects that were shot and cut at 24 fps; every 25th frame is dropped. In DigiConform this is referred to as PAL 24 Pulldown.

DigiConform also supports projects where each video frame corresponds to one film frame each. This is called NTSC 30:30, or PAL 25:25, respectively.

NTSC projects that have been shot on film at 24 fps and cut on video at 30 fps should use the new NTSC 24:30 mode. This mode shows 30 video frames against 24 film frames. It mimics quite closely the behaviour of tape-based systems, like the LokBox. The same mode is available in PAL, where 25 video frames are shown against 24 film frames (PAL 24:25).

Please read the 24 fps vs. 30 fps page for more information.