Rainers's Final Cut Pro Wiggle Plug-In

(This page is not related to DigiConform)

I was working on a no-budget short film that had some film transfered to HD video; and the film was supposed to be old footage from the 40's and 50's. But it looked very clean, and very steady.

To help with the look of aged film, I came up with a plug-in that wiggles the picture up and down, and/or sideways. Here are the controls in the viewer:

The Vertical Range, in percent of picture height, controls how far the picture is moved up and down. Likewise, the Horizontal Range, in percent of picture width, controls the displacement sideways. Both the V and H Volatilities control the maximum frame-to-frame movement of the picture, in percent of the respective Ranges.

The Blowup checkbox toggles automatic scaling of the picture according to the higher of the two Range values. If you prefer, you can still resize the picture manually.

The default values give a light vertical wiggle, very much like a gate weave. The default for the Horizontal Range is 0, no horizontal movement at all.

This plug works on full frames only, which means that the same movement is applied to both video fields.

Rainer's Wiggle plug-in is available for free download here.

If you are interested in the source code, you can open the plug-in in your favorite text editor. A host of really helpful information about building your own plug-ins is available at joesfilters.com.

Please drop me a line at rainer_s@earthlink.net to tell me how (and if) it's working for you. I tested the plug-in with DV footage only, although I expect it to work the same with all frame dimensions.

While you are here, please take a look at the rest of this web-site, which tells you about DigiConform, a great tool for conforming film to a video reference, especially if the film was cut at 24 fps.

For more FCP plug-ins you may want to take a look at www.scriptgeek.netfirms.com.